Maxigra 25 mg Review: Interesting Drug with Limited Distribution

Brand: Maxigra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: PolPharma

Country of Manufacture: Poland

Maxigra 25 mg Package Image

Review and Description

Maxigra 25 mg is generic for Viagra and contains Sildenafil as the main ingredient. Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor which increases the blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow to the penile area means that the man is better able to support an erection after taking the drug. The user of the drug does not experience an erection until he is stimulated.

PolPharma has ranked itself in the top twenty generic drug manufacturers in the world. They have 7000 persons on their payroll and have plants in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan. In their portfolio, they have about 600 products. They manufacture prescription and non-prescription drugs. They claim that their drugs are of a high quality. Thus far, Maxigra is the only drug erectile drug they carry and it is available in different formulations.

Customer Reviews

The reviews shown were from 2016 and they all give Maxigra a full 5-stars. Stanislaw claimed that reading the side effects of the drug were a bit of a turn off for him. Despite this, he decided to try it and he didn’t regret the decision he made. Maxigra worked for him, he did not experience any side effects and he felt as if the drug was really worth a try for persons suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Pawei claimed that the drug worked well for him. It was a plus for him that the drug was cheap. Furthermore, he often tried drugs from PolPharma because the quality was always good. Andrzej had tried a different generic and had an adventure with it. He was just as happy when he used MaxigraGo as he received the same favorable response.

PolPharma does not have much of an internet presence in terms of social media but they are known/ The lack of internet presence could possibly be attributed to their website being primarily done in Polish

PolPharma does not have much of an internet presence in terms of social media but they are known/ The lack of internet presence could possibly be attributed to their website being primarily done in Polish. The website though is user-friendly and very informative. You can search for a drug by its active ingredient especially if you are unaware of their products. They have no ratings but usually, manufacturers often lack these things as ratings are generally reserved for the products and sellers.

Pricing and Dosage

The price quoted for Maxigra is 20.32 polish dollars. When converted, it adds up to about $5.99USD. However, the quantity that is purchased for that price was not apparent to us as the drug is fully in the Polish language. Shipping costs were still to be added to the final price.

As it relates to dosage, persons usually take the drug in doses of 25mg, 50mg or 100mg

As it relates to dosage, persons usually take the drug in doses of 25mg, 50mg or 100mg. Usually, 50mg is taken 1 hour before sexual activity. However, some persons may be prescribed 25mg or 100mg of the drug.

How to Buy Maxigra 25 mg Online

Maxigra is probably only distributed in limited markets because it was difficult to find any information about buying the product, especially at a reputable pharmacy. However, there are multiple Sildenafil generics that you can buy and experience like results. One such drug is Fildena and it is available for purchase at either of the recommended pharmacies listed below.

100mg of Fildena would cost between $0.83 and $1.65 per pill. The minimum you can order is 30 tablets which cost you $49.50. If you have never used a Sildenafil product before, you may want to exercise some prudence using this drug so buying 30 would be a good idea. If you have used Sildenafil before and you don’t mind buying more pills, you can probably buy 90 pills at a cost of $92.81 or $1.03 per pill.

How to Use

How you use Maxigra will depend on what you are taking it to treat. For instance, persons using it for erectile dysfunction take the drug orally as and when it is needed. They do not exceed 100mg in a 24-hour period. Persons taking the drug for pulmonary hypertension, take 5mg or 20mg of the drug 3 times a day. Swallow the entire tablet without crushing or chewing it. Taking more than 100mg in a day does not increase the potency of the drug.

Certain drugs affect Maxigra so you should tell your doctor about any drugs you are taking or medical conditions that you have. You should not take Maxigra with alcohol or with recreational pills. It may be best to take Maxigra on an empty stomach as certain food contradicts with the drug.

Side Effects

Side effects of Maxigra include but are not limited to: heart attack symptoms, vision loss, hearing loss, irregular heartbeats, swelling of limbs, faintness, dizziness, headaches, flushing, shortness of breath and nausea. If these symptoms are severe. You should seek medical care. Some of them usually disappear within a day.

Conclusion with Rating

Maxigra is a generic product containing Sildenafil. The drug’s reviews are excellent and the drug is praised for its efficacy and for working as advertised. It is a cheap alternative to the brand Viagra. PolPharma, the drug’s manufacturer is based in Poland. They seem to be very popular in that market with over 600 products in circulation.

Maxigra received a 4-star rating. The reviews were stellar and their manufacturer seemed legit despite their lack of a social media presence. However, its limited availability I criticized as a person wanting to use this drug may have to seek out an alternative. You should not take erectile dysfunction products without speaking to your physician. These products can be fatal if not administered properly.

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